Nashville’s Vitek Just Dropped A New Single – Download It For Free Here

Nashville electro-pop outfit Vitek released a new single today titled “Sunbird”, and we are offering you a chance to download that for free below.  If you don’t know Vitek, it is the danceable pop project of Gabrahm Vitek.  With the release of their debut LP  Kaleidoscope last year, we’ve kept an eye on Vitek, and were thrilled to check the slight detour that they took with their latest single “Sunbird.”


We asked Vitek to tell us a little bit about their new sound, and you can read that after the jump while you are checking out “Sunbird”.  We even have an exclusive download of that single for you.  Enjoy getting to know Vitek!

Our new sound for the Sunbird/Skyfall release is Afro-Electro-Pop.  It serves as a bridge from our previous release, Kaleidoscope, an eclectic Art-Pop record put together on the fly in August 2011. Sunbird is about the kind of person that is well equipped with countless gifts and/or striking beauty when they come into the world yet has a trialing time identifying what gifts to use and pursue giving purpose, or may have a hard time giving their heart and trust to another.

I wanted there to be some african sounding lyrics in the song since the track has so much of that vibe.  I ended up getting a specific idea of what i wanted to say from the end of Michael Jackson’s ‘wanna be starting something’.

“ma ma se ma ma sa ma ma coo sa” ( i will sing the song that Michael sings ). I ended up with my own spin: ” i ma se ma sa’ ( I will sing the song ) ( I will sing your song as I watch you unfold and am able to tell your story ).

– Vitek

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