Battle of the Pop Stars


Nashville’s own Taylor Swift just debuted her brand new commercial for Diet Coke, one week after Beyonce unveiled her new Pepsi ad.

Swift’s spot depicts the country pop singer writing the lyrics for her hit song “22,” with a little help from fans of all walks of life (and from Diet Coke, of course). Beyonce’s ad, on the other hand, showcases the singer looking fierce and learning a new dance routine with the aid of her trusty Pepsi (note Queen B doesn’t mess with that diet nonsense) and a room full of mirrors.

So, which ad do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

Both T-Swift and Beyonce have upcoming performances at Bridgestone Arena. Head here for info on Taylor’s September 19-21 mini residency, and here for Beyonce’s July 13 stop.

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  1. Sadly, even thought Than and I were in the Diet Coke commercial in the karaoke scene we both agree that Beyonce’s commercial is head and shoulder pads above Taylor’s:(. Despite the fact that its a sweet catchy little number NO ONE can compete with the sheer performing capabilities and star power that Shasha Fierce possesses… Sorry Tay Tay…


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