Watch States Singer Mindy White Cover Justin Timberlake (VIDEO)


Well here’s a match made in heaven. As you already know, I just can’t get enough of Justin Timberlake‘s new album, and I especially love his smash single “Suit & Tie.” JT can do no wrong. That’s why I’m floored to bring you this cover by Mindy White, the Nashville-based singer of the band States. And, much like Mr. Timberlake, Mindy can also do no wrong.

Don’t know States? Formed by members of the recently disbanded groups Lydia and Copeland, States exploded onto the indie pop scene in late 2010 with their stellar debut EP Line ‘Em Up. The 2011 release (and subsequent 2012 re-release on Tooth & Nail) of their debut full-length, Room to Run, demonstrated the band’s further maturation in sound. It’s an instantly captivating, unabashedly poppy, confident, and fantastic release from, perhaps, one of the most underrated bands in Nashville.

But this cover is all Mindy, and man does she nail it. The arrangement is uniquely hers, without stepping too outside the tone of the original, and her powerful, soulful vocals really own the track so intensely and resound so emotionally that it’s hard to believe this is actually a cover. Plus, the solid video editing (by Relient K’s Ethan Luck, also of Nashville) really ties the whole thing together. Justin Timberlake would be proud.

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