Bonnaroo Band of the Day: Comedy Tent Edition, Part 1


Many ‘Roovians probably can’t remember a time when there wasn’t a Comedy Tent on their hallowed Manchester grounds but, in actuality, Bonnaroo didn’t discover its funny bone until it’s 3rd year: 2004. That makes this summer the 10th anniversary of the Comedy Tent, and it might just be the strongest lineup yet! We already knew that Daniel Tosh would be there, but the festival finally spilled the beans on the rest of the bunch. Check out an announcement video from David Cross, followed by a quick preview of the the first half of the comedy lineup!

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Bonnaroo Comedian | Daniel Tosh
Stage & Time: | Comedy Tent | Friday @ 4:30PM, 6:30PM

Love him or hate him, Daniel Tosh is kind of inescapable these days. Though Tosh is most well-known for his sarcastic internet clip show on Comedy CentralTosh.0, the comedian’s standup routine is a bad more traditional. His wit carries over, but expect more obversataonal humor peppered with some edgier dark comedy.

Watch | Happy Thoughts (Daniel’s latest comedy special)

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Bonnaroo Comedian | Bob Saget
Stage & Time: | Comedy Tent | Sunday @ 4:30, 6:15

If you only know Bob Saget from his famous family-friendly television roles on Full House and as the host of America’s Funniest Home Video, you might be in for a shock at just what comes out of the former Mr. Danny Tanner’s mouth in his standup routine. Saget is incredibly vulgar, raunchy, controversial, and downright hilarious.

Watch | Half of That Ain’t Right (Saget’s HBO special)

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Bonnaroo Comedian | David Cross
Stage & Time: | Comedy Tent | Saturday @ 4:30PM; Sunday @ 2:45PM

You may know David Cross from Arrested DevelopmentMr. ShowThe Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, or many of his other hilarious film and television roles. Cross is a hilarious standup as well, tackling observational comedy, even straying into blue collar, as well satire and some edgier, dark comedy.

Watch | An excerpt from Bigger and Blackerer (Cross’ latest special)

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Bonnaroo Comedian | Maria Bamford
Stage & Time: | Comedy Tent | Thursday @ 6PM, 8PM

Maria Bamford is one of the most innovative and gifted comics of her generation. With her surrealist, alt-comedy style, often assuming different character roles, Bamford tackles subjects of dysfunction, depression, anxiety, and self-deprecation. Not only is she a true comedian’s comedian, but also an accomplished voice actor.

Watch | A Clip of Bamford from the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

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Bonnaroo Comedian | Ed Helms’ Whisky Sour Radio Hour
Stage & Time: | Comedy Tent | Saturday @ 2:45PM

It’s already been announced that comedian Ed Helms (The HangoverThe Office) will perform a superjam with his bluegrass band at ‘Roo, but Helms will also be stopping by the comedy tent for his “Whisky Sour Radio Hour.” The routine is a twisted musical/comedic take on an old-time radio show, and is sure to be lot of fun.

Watch | A bootleg of a “Whisky Sour Radio Hour” set in Los Angeles

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Bonnaroo Comedian | Mike Birbiglia
Stage & Time: | Comedy Tent | Thursday @ 10PM; Friday @ 2:30PM

Mike Birbiglia has mastered the straight-forward, observational storytelling style and self-deprecating likability of greats such as Jerry Seinfeld. In addition to his smart, personal humor, Birbiglia released one of the best indie films of last year, based on his semi-autobiographical one-man show of the same name: Sleepwalk with Me.

Watch | What I Should Have Said Was Nothing (Birbiglia’s latest standup special)

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Bonnaroo Comedian | Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang! Bang! w/ Reggie Watts
Stage & Time: | Comedy Tent | Saturday @ 6:30PM

Satirist Scott Aukerman founded successful LA alt-comedy showcase Comedy Death-Ray in 2002. The showcase turned into a podcast  and radio show in 2009, changed its name to Comedy Bang! Bang! and eventually came to IFC as a TV show. It’s a sketch/satire talk show with some heavy-hitting guests and the accompaniment of musician Reggie Watts, and is sure to be a hit at ‘Roo!

Watch | A clip from Comedy Bang! Bang! (Scott’s show on IFC)

More from Scott Aukerman | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify (Reggie Watts)


Bonnaroo Comedian | Eric Andre
Stage & Time: | Comedy Tent | Thursday @ 12AM; Friday @ 12:45PM

You might know Eric Andre from his Adult Swim talk show The Eric Andre Show, a satirical/slapstick stake on a low-budget public access show. He also played a recurring part on ABC’s Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23. Andre is a rising star in standup, with his smart, biting style of observational comedy.

Watch | Andre’s appearance on Lopez Tonight

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