Hump Day Diversion: Breakin’ The Law

In this week’s installment of the Hump Day Diversion, we profile three illicit incidents that happened during Saint Patrick’s Day week and remind y’all who bey the king.bowdown

Oh rock stars, why you gotta’ always go gettin’ into trouble?

First off – goth rock legend, Peter Murphy, has been arrested for a triumvirate of awful:¬† DUI, Hit and Run, and Meth possession. His lawyer must’ve retired off the money he made defending him, especially the Fresno lawyer for DUI resulting in injury that was in the news. You can get the full account here. Murphy had recently announced a tour celebrating 35 years of Bauhaus where he would play only songs from the band’s catalog (giving the last wave of emo kids an opportunity to marvel in where it all began before they were born and high school me a chance to reconnect with my adolescent esoterica). The arrest will reportedly have no impact on the impending tour dates… so, let’s light up a clove and toss it at the Hot Topic together in celebration…

Next up – all-around badass, The Gossip‘s Beth Ditto is still kicking ass people in the nuts. I first came to know Ms. Ditto one evening when crammed into The End when her band opened for Sleater-Kinney in the days before Portlandia. I knew then she ain’t nothin’ to fuck with and this Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, she reminded some folks why… piss her off (read: deny her another round) and she will straight up kick you in the junk. Always making a political statement, she was reportedly also chanting the name of our Prez before being hauled off to the drunk tank. In honor of her ninja moves, an oldie but goodie, my friend, my friend. More on the altercation here.

Finally, on the local front – it was recently announced that Dropkick Murphys will be returning to Marathon Music Works on June 6 (details here) and as long as you’re not a Nazi Skinhead who totally misinterprets their song “Skinhead on the MBTA”, you will probably not get punched in the face. The band’s Ken Casey apparently noticed an audience member nazi saluting in time to the music and well… just check it out below…

Last, but certainly not least – if you haven’t listened to the new Beyonc√© track, just do it. Holy crap, just do it.

And that’s what I call a diversion. Bow down, bitches!

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