Rites of Spring Line-Up Announced


Hey remember River Stages? In the days before Bonnaroo, somewhere in between Dancing In The District incarnations, and probably around the same era as Uptown Mix (takin’ ya back, yet?) there was a music festival that happened the first weekend in May at Riverfront Park and featured artists as varied as John Prine, Dashboard Confessional, Hole, and Crazytown (“Come my lady/ Come, Come my lady/ you’re my butterfly/ Sugar, Baby” – yep. THAT just happened). Oh, and one time, Bob Dylan AND The Wallflowers played the same year.

While River Stages has passed on in favor of the considerably superior, but less accessible in all conceivable ways (proximity, price point, access to civilization), Bonnaroo, Vanderbilt is still keepin’ the non-country focused festival dream alive in a more frat-tastic setting. Rites of Spring first happened in the 70s (as Dads around town are quick to remind you) and while it has existed in some form or another throughout the years with past headliners like The Flaming Lips, The National, Spoon, Feist, My Morning Jacket, and Ben Folds – it can be rather hit or miss as this year’s initial line-up doesn’t seem to have a big draw act. More artists are expected to be announced, but these are most likely the major players.

So here’s a preview of some of the event’s featured acts so you can make plans to grab tickets if you’re in the mood to kick it with the co-eds.




Mat Kearney


The Apache Relay

Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors

Tickets available starting Friday, March 15 – more info available at the official site.

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