TWiN | This Weekend In Nashville | 3/8 – 3/10

Some of you may not think there is anything else going on in town this weekend besides Freakin’ Weekend, and some of you may not care that anything else is going on in town besides Freakin’ Weekend.  There’s actually a lot going on this weekend though, and you have plenty to choose from.  Have a look at our weekend picks, and, have a soul, get out to see some live music this weekend.


Nashville’s biggest dance party is back at Cannery BallroomHUSTLE III is going to blow Andrew’s jew-fro off. This extravaganza is brought to you by the combined efforts of those awesome dudes from Electric Western, The Boom Bap, Recognize, Keep On Movin!, Y2K, and Whiskey Disco. You’ll hear DJ sets from Coach, DJ Rate, Reno Bo, and Jacob Jones. Your ears will tingle to a range of musical genres, your feet will keep the beat, and you’ll dance night away. Pre-sale tickets are $10, and tickets at the door are $12. Or do it right and get VIP tickets while they last. Enjoy your own private sitting area, private bar, and bathroom.  VIP tickets are $25 pre-sale and $35 at the door. Get whatever kind of ticket you want here.  Doors at 8 pm, 18 and up.

One of our highlights from East Nashville Underground a few weeks ago was the spectacular set by K.S. Rhoads (and his special guest Emily West) who teased with some loopity guitar bits and a soothing vocal tone.  We’ve been digging on his newest record, Wilderness, which released on Tuesday.  It starts out as a beautifully layered powerhouse of elegant indie pop tunes that sincerely make your insides smile.  Flip that record over, and there are tracks that bounce through practically every genre and successfully channel the stars of each of them.  You can have a listen to the new record over at his soundcloud page.  You can still grab tickets to the release show at 3rd & Lindsley tonight, and you can’t go wrong with some of our faves By Lightning & Tristen firing things up around 8pm.  You can check out the K.S. Rhoads newest video for “Orphaned” below.

Though they have a lot of ties with prominent members of the SoCal punk rock scene (notably backing singers like Rancid’s Tim Armstrong), The Aggrolites are a reggae band through and through. They’re bringing their early reggae, ’60s soul, and funk-infused California sound to The End with The Pinstripes and Soul Radics and Philip thinks you absolutely need to be there! The show’s at 9 and you can snag tickets here. See how many famous punk rockers you can spot in the video below.

The last time He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister passed through town, back in the fall, Jessika had a chance to speak with them and couldn’t say enough nice things about the band and their amazing live show. Their folky, glam, vaudeville-esque performance is certainly an experience. Beyond that initial quirkiness, however, they’re simply a damn good band. Catch them at Mercy Lounge with Paper Bird and Shakey Graves, two other groups that deserve a listen! The show kicks off at 9 and tickets are only $10 right here.

Butch Walker is a man who should need no introduction. As a producer, he’s worked with everyone from Taylor Swift to Pete Yorn to Katy Perry to Hot Hot Heat to Pink to Fall Out Boy. Walker’s solo career has perhaps not been quite as illustrious as some of his collaborators, but his decade worth of solo releases have none the less been incredible. He’s bringing his poppy, indie rock to The High Watt this evening but, unfortunately, it’s sold out. You’re going to have to scour Craiglist for this one, but it’ll be so worth it if you manage to get in.

Were you one of the lucky few people who managed to get into Andrew Bird‘s in-store performance at Grimey’s Too on Thursday? If not, you’ve got another chance to catch him in an atypical location this weekend! Bird is performing with Old Crow Medicine ShowJOHNNYSWIM, and The SteelDrivers, underground in the Volcano Room at Cumberland Caverns for a PBS taping of Blues Underground. This show also appears to be sold out, but you might be able to snag some tickets if you dig around.


The Howlin’ Brothers were kind enough to play our SXSW Send-Off Show last Saturday. Even in Nashville, we appreciate and get down to music described as “a ’lil bluegrass, a bit ole time & a whole lot of country blues flavor- American roots music” when it’s done the right way. And The Howlin’ Brothers certainly met and exceeded expectations. They’re playing an in-store show at Grimeys on Saturday. This is certainly going to be a more intimate environment than Mercy Lounge. The show starts at 2 pm. Make sure you get there early so you have a good view. It’s going to fill up fast.  Check out more info here.

If you missed Caitlin Rose‘s stellar set over at Grimeys Too on Thursday, you get a chance to redeem yourself at her de-facto full scale record release party on Saturday night at Mercy Lounge.  We’ve already told you about Caitlin’s latest record and her show earlier this week at Grimeys Too, so if you haven’t seen her latest incarnation yet, then you should go ahead and grab those tickets right here.  Things get started around 9pm with Andrew Combs and Steelism.

Jessika shamelessly suggests that you check out Indigo Girls w/ Holly Williams and The Shadowboxers. While the Indigo Girls are often the unfortunate butt of female folk rock jokes, their storytelling is truly exceptional and Jess was pleasantly surprised last night over dinner when she mentioned she would be plugging their show today and sort of sheepishly confessed her affection for the duo by noting “I sorta’ kinda effin’ love them” and she was met with “How can you not?!” and “I graduated in 1996, girl bands are my M.O.” Solidarity, sisters of sandals unite! So – this is Jessika officially coming out of the closet — as an Indigo Girls fan. You can catch them with Holly Williams (recently featured here at No Country for her third full length release) and boys on the bill, The Shadowboxers. Tickets range from $24.50 – $46.50 and are available here. A sneak peak of opening act Shadowboxers below…

Philip recommended that you catch spazzy, spaced-out “Japanese action comic punks” Peelander-Z when they last hit Nashville, back in the fall with Electric Eel Shock. If you didn’t catch the group last time around, you’ve got another shot this weekend! Not only is their high-energy, old school punk sound a lot of fun, but their live show is a spectacle which can’t be described nearly as accurately as it can be experienced. The show gets rocking at 9PM, and you can find more info on Facebook.

It’s no secret that we love Ponychase, and we’re not alone! Nashville Scene crowned them Best New Band in 2012, and they made both our Best Nashville Shows and Best Nashville Records lists last year. They’re bringing their Best Coast meets The Cure sound to The Stone Fox with Scale Model Nudity! It’s a 9PM show and you can get your tickets for a very reasonable seven bones right here.


Is it sad that I was completely unaware of ZZ Ward until about three weeks ago?  Yeah, it probably is sad, given that most of you probably could have told me who she was long before that.  Hey dude (and dudette), it’s tough to stay on top of everything that is going on in the entire freakin’ internet, and apparently I don’t watch Good Morning America often enough.  Anyway, if you haven’t heard about her, all your friends have heard about her, and they bought all the tickets.  So, you can just close your eyes while listening to the video for “Put The Gun Down” below, and pretend you are at 3rd & Lindsley… or, you can head to the Craigslist, and put up a personal ad for someone with tickets.  You never know, you might get double lucky.

We were very excited to get the chance to give away a couple of tickets for The Zombies with The Ettes and The Night Beats at War Memorial Auditorium, but we’re even more excited about the show itself. Philip thinks you absolutely have to check out the rock legends- especially since they haven’t played Nashville since the ’60s, and, at this rate, likely never will again. The two key original Zombies are still truckin’, and, though their prestige hasn’t remained quite as grand as some of their ’60s pop peers, they are undeniably one of the best and most influential groups of their time. Add our local favorites The Ettes into the mix, and we think you’d be crazy to pass this one up! It’s an all ages show with a 6PM start time, and tickets are onsale here. You know it’ll be worth the cost of admission to see them perform this:

Electronic dance-pop sensations and Montreal residents Doldrums have decided to grace Nashville with their presence. They’re playing The High Watt with Agor and Vitek. Their ambience and experimentation is weirder than Animal Collective, if that’s even possible. They seem stuck in a galaxy farther away, possibly playing to the likes of extra-terrestrials. It’s worth nothing that their new album, Lesser Evil, was given an 8.0 by Pitchfork, usually one the most scrutinizing of media outlets.  Get your tickets here. 

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