[video] Milktooth’s Awesome Cover of Beck with Some Local Faves

I remember seeing the tweet about Nashville’s Milktooth making a stop at Grimey’s and buying Beck’s Song Reader after it released in December.  I immediately chided them with the all mighty “Do It!” tweet, and I was just hoping that one of those tracks would be included in their really great Stay Home America series.

We’ve told you about the other covers that Milktooth has performed over the last few months, including Beach House’s “Wild”, The xx’s “Fiction”, “Walking In The Air” from The Snowman, and “Nightcall” by Kavinsky.  However, all of my Beck riddled dreams came true when I saw they had chosen “Eyes That Say I Love You” from Beck’s Song Reader.

You can only imagine my utter surprise when I started to see a lot of very familiar Nashville faces in the cover video including Alanna from Alanna Royale with featured backup vocals (while washing some dishes).  Pan out a bit, and you will bump into Daniel Ellsworth from DE  & The Great Lakes, Lindsay Johns from Nudity, Regan Lorraine, & Levi Weaver all huddled around a mic making some super soothing group backup vocals.  I can’t even describe how all of this sounds together, but I can tell you that, if you don’t click play below, I will jump through your computer screen and eat your face.

Shout out to Jace Freeman from The Moving Picture Boys for the great video, and Taylor Grubbs did a fabulous job recording and mixing on this track.  Once you realize how much you love this, you can download it for free over at Milktooth’s Bandcamp page.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0dSukXcdbA?list=PLA3F7B97BE009E935&w=560&h=315]

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