BREAKING: Bonnaroo Lineup to be Announced LIVE February 19!


It’s almost time!! As we previously reported, this year’s Bonnaroo lineup is set to be announced LIVE on the Bonnaroo365 YouTube channel by none other than parody artist “Weird Al” Yankovic. You can stop obsessively refreshing that YouTube page, though, because we the festival (with a little help from Al) just spilled the rest of the details. An announcement of an announcement, if you will. Check out the video below.


Here’s what you need to know: The announcement will come in the form of an afternoon announcement celebration one week from today, Tuesday, February 19. Starting at 12PM/11c, it’ll feature clips from classic ‘Roo performances. Then, at 1PM/12c, is the Bonnaroo Line-Up Announcement Megathon (BLAM), hosted by “Weird Al.” To finish things up, a classic full Bonnaroo performance will follow at 2PM/1c.

While you wait in eager anticipation, you can check out our 2013 Bonnaroo Lineup Rumors page and our latest Roo Clue guesses!


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