RECAP: Alanna Royale’s EP Release Show at The Basement (PHOTOS)

Alanna 1

Photo of Alanna by Ellice Evins

Words can’t begin to describe the scene at The Basement on Friday night for Alanna Royale’s EP release party.  The Basement was beyond capacity at points during the night.  People were standing outside in line in the cold to catch a glimpse at Nashville’s newest soaring voice.  Sure, it could have had something to do with the stellar lineup supporting her, but we here at No Country are fairly convinced that the place would have been equally packed if Alanna and her band were playing a solo bill at 2pm on a Tuesday.  Even our resident pop punk blogger extraordinaire, who had not seen Alanna yet, summed the show up with, “that girl’s gonna be famous.”  While I am sure that a private jet is still a few shows off for these guys, it is certain that they are picking up steam around town.  Alanna and co. had the crowd in a frenzy running through the tracks on the debut EP, Bless Her Heart, and things really started to sizzle on Friday night with a totally inspired Nirvana cover which even had Grimey all ears.  The gang will be performing at their second straight East Nashville Underground on Friday, February 15th.  We also just announced (actually Mercy Lounge announced it, and we reported) that Alanna will be in the running in the first Road To Bonnaroo competition on February 25th.


Photo of Alanna by Ellice Evins

Things got started with Maureen Murphy, who I missed while I was waiting forever for my check at a brand new nearby eating and drinking establishment.  My apologies, and I should feel bad about missing it after Alanna herself announced “that Carrie Underwood better watch out for Maureen“.  We did roll in just in time to catch the end of the set by the Golden Spurs, who are always a good time.  Daniel Ellsworth really brought it on Friday, as he and his possé always do.  They even debuted a new song titled “*who am i kidding, i don’t know the name of my favorite song on the radio, but i know a good song when i hear it*“, and it sounded like it could have come off of that Phoenix record, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, that everyone in the world has owned at some point since it released back in 2009. What?  Insult, you say?  Have you been under a rock for the past 4 days?  Phoenix is headlining freaking Coachella, people.

Alright, I’m rambling, and I haven’t even told you anything about the show other than it was crowded (and the above statement about me not knowing the names of my favorite songs).  Now you all know why I don’t do show reviews very often, and those of you that know me, know that I like beer and enjoying the music too much to take notes during a show.  As a fellow wordsmith told me over the weekend, great writing is getting people to read your shit without ever talking about the topic at hand.  Great advice.  Dammit, I’m rambling again, which is probably what Matt was doing in the picture below while they were trying to restrain him.


Jokes aside, we couldn’t be happier for Alanna, Jared, Gabriel, Matt, Diego, Kirk, and Braxton.  2013 is looking to be a great year already!  Check out the pictures from our newest contributing photographist (Ellice Evins) scattered amongst these rambling words and below, listen to the stellar new EP Bless Her Heart below, and put Alanna Royale on your calendar of must see acts this year in Nashville.

* this is not actually the name of any song… ever.


Photo of Diego, Braxton, & Kirk by Ellice Evins


Photo of Jared by Ellice Evins


Photo of Alanna by Ellice Evins


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