Auto Defiance w/Thee Japanese Schoolgirls, Vyie, and Violet Knives @ The High Watt Tonight

Auto Defiance

Art rockers Auto Defiance, fronted by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Bradley Boyer and co-writer/vocalist Asheira on synth and bells, may not be trying to convince you to save money and the environment by biking or walking to work, but they are attempting to cross new borders and explore new frontiers by mixing vintage film clips with their carefully calculated, atmospheric pop-rock during their live shows and beyond. And it appears they are succeeding. After their inception in 2008, they won the 2009 Billboard World Songwriter Award for their song “Ghost Inside Your House.” Since that honor, they haven’t lost sight of the ability to write a catchy, emotionally provocative song. “Heart Attack” is one of that type of song, and it will be featured on the new record called Running on the Edge, as well as “Ghost Inside Your House” and a cover of New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle.” The album will be released on January 15.  Auto Defiance chooses to keep the uptempo dance elements of electric pop in that cover, which should make for an energetic live performance. Check out this official experimental short film/music release below:

Also check out the songs “Heart Attack” and “Fake Hellos and How Are Yous” below.

You might remember that Matt had some interesting things to say about Thee Japanese SchoolGirls after seeing them at the Fall East Nashville Underground Festival. Check out their tunes here.

Also check out the music for Vyie and Violet Knives below.

I’m interested to see the film/music dynamic of Auto Defiance’s live show. Get your tickets here.

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