Alanna Royale announces EP Release Show @ The Basement

Alanna Royale

Did you have the chance to catch Alanna Royale on Lightning 100 yesterday? Either way, get ready for this news: Nashville’s Alanna Royale has set Friday, January 25 at the Basement as her EP Release Show. The EP is titled “Bless Her Heart,” and No Country for New Nashville’s members are oozing with excitement, as three of us picked an Alanna Royale show as at least one of our respective top 10 shows in Nashville last year.  Jessika Malone has a BIG. TIME. CRUSH. and I stated (yea, I’m gonna quote myself): “Saying Alanna’s voice is powerful is an understatement, since it could quell a peasant uprising with its mere ferocity.” It’s safe to say that we consider Alanna Royale one of our top, if not the top, emerging Nashville artist(s) of 2012.

Here’s a sample of her EP below:

And here’s a video of Alanna Royale playing at the East-Centric Festival on September 15, 2012.

Alanna Royale will be joined at the Basement by Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes, Golden Spurs, and Maureen Murphy. Jessika had the opportunity to interview Daniel Ellsworth and The Great Lakes. Check out that interview here. 

Hot damn! We got ourselves an awesome Friday night show. Don’t miss it! You can find more info here. 


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