No Country’s Best Nashville Records of 2012

Yesterday, we threw out our two cents with our favorite “National Records” of 2012, and today it’s all about Nashville. Check out our picks for our best Nashville records of 2012 from the No Country team. Stick around and soon we’ll break down our individual staff picks for 2012 concerts. Yesterday, we posted full records through Spotify, and we hope you were able to check that out. With the exception of two, we have repeated that process today. The two holdouts have a player with our favorite track from the record. Leave a comment below to virtually high five a pick, or tell us what you think we missed. Enjoy!

**We incorrectly included The Features’ Wilderness in the previous version of this list. This album actually came out on July 26, 2011. We made an error because Spotify listed the album release date as 2012, though we should have done more research to confirm. Patrick Rodgers, music editor for the Nashville Scene, pointed this out to us. We appreciate his input and have removed that album from this list, even though it is a spectacular album.**

Top Nashville Records of 2012

#1 JEFF the Brotherhood – Hypnotic Nights


#2 Wild Cub – Youth


#3 Jack White – Blunderbuss


#4 (tie) Paper Route – The Peace of Wild Things


#4 (tie) Pujol – United States of Being

#4 (tie) Umbrella Tree – To the Memory of a Once Great Man


#7 Taylor Swift – Red

#8  Ponychase – Ponychase

#9 Turbo Fruits – Butter


#10 (tie) Angel Snow – Angel Snow


#10 (tie) Sugar & The Hi Lows – Sugar & The Hi Lows


Honorable Mentions

Various Artists – Live at Musicians Corner Vol. 1
Future Unlimited – EP
Madi Diaz – We Threw Our Hearts in the Fire
Diamond Rugs – Diamond Rugs
Ke$ha – Warrior
Will Hoge – Modern American Protest Music
All Them Witches – Our Mother Electricity
States – Room to Run
Old Crow Medicine Show – Carry Me Back
Mindy Smith – Mindy Smith
The Whigs – Enjoy the Company
Various Artists – An East Nashville Christmas
Moon Taxi- Cabaret
Justin Townes Earle- Nothing’s Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now
Bedroom – Vivid
Makeup and Vanity Set – 88:88
Matthew Perryman Jones – Land of the Living
The Kingston Springs – The Kingston Springs



  1. Cheap Time’s “Wallpaper Music” is better than all of these records.

  2. Cool list. But The Features’ Wilderness came out in July 2011. Curious as to why that one was featured.

    • Thanks Patrick, you’re correct. We incorrectly included the Features’ Wilderness because Spotify listed the album release year as 2012, though we should have confirmed elsewhere. We have made the correction in the latest version of our post.

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