A Message To Thunderbitch!

So, I was one of the many smashed (in both ways) into Ghot Wingz on Saturday night for that incredible lineup that we told you about last week.  The show did not disappoint in any way.  I mean, it was one of the best line ups that has been on a single bill this year, and the highlight, just because I haven’t seen them a half dozen times like the rest of the bands, was the debut of Thunderbitch.  It was also rumored on their facebook page, that this would also be their last show.  While I thoroughly enjoyed my time Saturday night with Promised Land, James Wallace & The Naked Light, and Fly Golden Eagle (I admittedly had to hit another party before I could check out the apparent reggae-fied Natural Child set titled Natural Lion), the reason most of us were there was to see the possible one-and-done Thunderbitch set.

Thunderbitch Jamz

Thunderbitch Jamz!

So, here’s my message to Thunderbitch, please don’t go out like that!  That little side room of Ghot Wingz had some amazing atmosphere that I can’t even describe to those not in attendance.  The amps were loud as hell, and earplugs probably should have been distributed as you entered the building.  The problem was a subpar PA system.  You could barely hear Ms. Howard howling through that filtered mic, and it wasn’t just her set that experienced the problems either.  Based on the attendance at Ghot Wingz, I can tell you that most any venue in town will offer you a stage and a proper set up.

So, Brittany, I know that the Alabama Shakes are in-line for a number of Grammy’s (Best New Artist, Best Rock Performance, and Best Packaging) this year, and just sold out on the impressively large Fox Theater in the San Francisco Bay Area in a matter of minutes.  I watched you play that overly amped crowd after you climbed off that motorcycle to make your dramatic entrance, so I know that you were as into it as we were.  So, I implore you Brittany and friends, give Thunderbitch another chance to shine.

Ghot Fanz

Ghot Fanz?

The fine folks over at Nashville Cream have a pretty great write up, right here.  Not to mention, photog-on-the-scene, Steve Cross uses a camera with a flash that doesn’t double as a cell phone, so you can see some real nice pics of the night, right here.

I really hope, at some point, there will be another night for Thunderbitch in Nashville.  They should know that we all love them, regardless of them being held up at gun point later in the weekend.  If you know anything about the assholes responsible for that bullshit, please notify the authorities.

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