Charlie Hardin, The Summer Country and Comedian James Austin Johnson @ The 5 Spot Tonight

Charlie Hardin was once Charlie Murphey. Wait, he still is. But don’t confuse him with writer, comedian and actor Charlie Murphy (who starred in the Chappelle Show). If you’ve seen the two together in real life, the resemblance is uncanny. Let me tell you….

Perhaps that’s a reason for the moniker change: the similar name, not the uncanny resemblance, if you caught my sarcasm. Hardin‘s full name is Charlie Hardin Murphey and once a upon a time, he did a live cover of the Smashing Pumpkins’ “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” with David Condos of Milktooth (singing backup and playing autoharp). Observe:

But that was then, and this is now. Hardin is back. He’s reached his goal for his Kickstarter campaign and he’s ready to season your musical cravings with the tasty songs to be featured on his new album. His voice does often soar like an eagle to hang the listener on an emotional branch before returning to the song’s foundation. He has the rare combination of a powerful and soulful voice gliding over a hint of emotional suggestion to create a stalwart song structure. I’ve yet to hear the songs on his new album, but that’s what this show is for. Hardin’s band, The Commitment Bells, are sure to provide the appropriate accompaniment to give these songs the proper context. For now, check out his music here.  

The Summer Country conjures images of optimism. You may remember The Summer Country as the mythical birthplace of mankind in Lloyd Alexander’s fantasy book series, The Chronicles of Prydain, where all hearts desires are granted. The song “Joy On The Corner” has that sort of pop-rock positivity that I can appreciate and shout out the lyrics to, anthem-style. We must think positively most of the time to get where we want in life, to reach our goals, and to strive towards something. That’s the point, I believe. An upcoming full-length record from The Summer Country is in the works, but the release wont be until sometime in January. The music? It’s rapid-eye catching, accessible rock. Check it out below.

I have to admit, I don’t know a whole lot about comedian James Austin Johnson, but if he can melt awkwardness like he did during the performance below, we’re in store for a good show.

You know what to do. I’ll see you at The 5 Spot tonight.

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