Duncan Sheik headlines Sunset Sessions Tour | Tonight – Free Tickets! | 3rd and Lindsley

Hey! Remember 90s alternative radio? Remember sweet alt-rocker Duncan Sheik? If so, you probably remember this:


What I remember most about Duncan Sheik is his presence in a time in which there were truly great movie soundtracks that stood alone from (and often eclipsed) their films. It was a time when there was such a thing as entire records full of “songs inspired by the film.” Does that happen anymore? Because it was pretty awesome. It was sort of like getting a mixtape around a theme… And there were so many music/movie tie-in gems… think Radiohead’s “Exit Music For A Film” for Luhrmann’s R+J, Julianna Hatfield on My So-Called Life... and the entire homage to alterna-everything that was Reality Bites (Ethan Hawke even played a song! Dave Pirner was IN the movie!) Empire Records. The Crow. The Craft. Singles. Pulp Fiction. In the 90s, my discman was spinning some serious soundtracks and I was loving me some Duncan Sheik.

Namely, I remember this track from another Ethan Hawke opus, the modernization of Dicken’s “Great Expectations.” And the video is spliced with scenes from the film like a fabulously long trailer and/or Cliffs Notes to the movie… Oh the swan song of physical media! ‘Twas a time when we went out and bought the cd for the soundtrack to the movie we would (much later) inevitably buy on VHS (or rent from Blockbuster!) and music videos were like wonderfully arty commercials we could make out to.


Now that you’ve had your dose of nostalgia, dial it back 10 more years to the 80s because Duncan Sheik has recently released a covers record featuring his take on a dozen of the decade’s “smashes and obscurities” from the likes of the Cure, New Order, Tears for Fears, the Smiths, the Psychedelic Furs, the Thompson Twins, Love & Rockets, Howard Jones, Japan, Talk Talk, and the Blue Nile.

And he’s coming to town tonight! And he’ll be doing a radio interview on Lightning 100 today at 1pm! And we have two tickets to give away to the reader that shares their favorite cover version of a song via email to me at [email protected] But do it fast, because we have to get the names over ASAP! Congrats to our winner, Lauren Barbieri, who won with this cover of Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie.”

Oh– and did you know that Duncan Sheik won 2 Tony Awards and a Grammy for writing the music for the Broadway sensation, Spring Awakening? Yep – finally outed myself as a theatre nerd. You’re welcome.

Show details: The Sunset Sessions Tour with Duncan Sheik, Alpha Rev, Courrier, and Laura Warshauer. Show at 6:30 PM (Doors at 6:00 PM ) Price: $15.00. 3rd and Lindsley. Tix (if you don’t win) here. Oh, and this here’s a special event where the tour pairs with a radio station for some philanthropy in each city they reach – so that’s a bonus do-good, feel good vibe.

Now here’s a quick preview of the other acts:

Alpha Rev (you know this song, you just don’t remember that you do):




Laura Warshauer:


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