615 Design hosts No Country For New Nashville / Mod Mobilian listening room for Hurray For The Riff Raff | Nov. 7 @ 8pm

We’re thrilled to be in on a very special listening room style show this Wednesday (Nov. 7) featuring Hurray For The Riff Raff, (w/ Dave Powell and Sara Jean Kelley) in partnership with Mod Mobilian.

Check out HFTRR here:


We caught up with Erica Edmonson of 615 Design, co-host for the festivities (with the formidable Joe Clemons), and asked for her take on this truly unique event.

No Country: How did this collaboration come about?
615: I think I initially met Joe Clemons when we were both involved with a RAW showcase last season. Joe’s band, Girls and Money, has since played at my annual zombie bash, so he was familiar with the space. When he told me this band was coming to town and wanted a more intimate, underground venue for their listening party I said “Let’s do it!”

No Country: Why is 615 a good fit for this show?
615: Because it’s far from a traditional venue…it’s a scenic studio. But the setup of the space really lends itself to live performance. So it’s got that eclectic, underground, mixed-use vibe. And the location adds to that. It’s a little bit of an adventure just to find the place, especially at night…that adds mystique, right?

No Country: What would you like folks to know about what you do at 615?
615: At 615 Design, I work hard to create sets and backdrops for all types of productions here in Nashville. Utilizing over ten years of experience in this industry and the support of my awesome crew, I’ve managed to create a successful business in the creative arts. It feels great to work this hard doing something that I love! This inspires me to more fully utilize this space and open it up to other artists and musicians who can benefit from having an informal outlet for their work and place to collaborate and create. I would love to have more events in this space.

No Country: Nashville’s known for being a music town but there’s a plethora of other awesome arts offerings happening, too. What are you loving right now?
615: I am really excited about all of the wonderful collaborations that are happening in the city right now–with organizations like Boheme Collectif, the Brick Factory, and Porter Flea. It’s great to see these collaborations of artists working together and really creating a sense of community. I am also a big fan of “No Shame Theatre” and the impromptu, open environment of that. Anywhere people are expressing themselves in a productive, inspiring way excites me. I love that it’s all about having a good time and learning something about yourself that only an interaction with another artist will teach you…

No Country: What local bands are you feeling at the moment?
615: Oh, of course I’m a big Girls and Money fan, and I also had Scale Model play at my place so you know I love them, too. I’m definitely a fan of Ponychase, and I just recently saw Kat Smo and really liked what she had going on. Of course, I love a dance party so I’m always down for some My So-Called Band or Guilty Pleasures. One of the things I really love about living in Nashville is the abundance of talented musicians and artists here. I’m excited to bring more of them together in my space. Rock on!

More on the fbook here. Show deets from Joe below:

-JOE 🙂

DIRECTIONS: Off Gallatin Road at the train overpass and “Inglewood” sign near the Radio Shack (between Hart Lane and Trinity Lane). We’re in the “American Business Center” commercial complex with a big stone wall out front and “La Movida” directly across the street. Once you enter the complex, drive straight ahead and to the left of the middle building to park. You’ll need to head to the BACK LEFT CORNER of the complex to get to suite 310.


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