Umbrella Tree Calls It Quits

I got a break up email yesterday from Nashville’s Umbrella Tree.  After a year and half relationship full of new and exciting experiences, Umbrella Tree told me that they couldn’t do it anymore.  While I am sure that I will go on just fine, I know already that I will miss them.  There weren’t enough occassions for us to hang out.  We had that sexy little flirtation back when they released their final record To The Memory Of A Once Great Man.  It was a short, but fiery hot romance, and I will remember them all fondly.  I know those of you that have spent more time in Nashville probably look at them as an old standby or a long term friend with benefits, but I just didn’t get to know the ups and downs.  To say goodbye, they left us one final video, and, after you find some kleenex to dab your leaking eyes, you can watch the full 45 set from their vinyl release show at Exit/In to remember just how great it was.  If you are the sentimental type, you can keep a little piece of this relationship to cherish by downloading the audio of this set here.

RIP Umbrella Tree.  I hope you rise again as a zombie to take the streets of Nashville over again someday.


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  1. I hope this is the right talk show. I met you at d rugs show. If i am right, please get back. Ok


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