Silversun Pickups, Cloud Nothings, & Atlas Genius, Marathon Music Works, Tonight In Nashville

It was about three years ago when I was visiting Nashville for the holidays that I last saw Silversun Pickups as part of the Not So Silent Night show over at Cannery Ballroom.  Three wild years later, and I am living in Nashville and writing for this music rag.  I won’t say that it was Silversun Pickups that brought me to Nashville, and I won’t say that it was Cannery Ballroom that brought me to Nashville… It was Nashville that brought me to Nashville, but the awesome time that I had at that show sure didn’t hurt any.  So, here we are almost three years later, and Silversun Pickups are back, and this time they are bringing Cloud Nothings and Atlas Genius in tow with them at Marathon Music Works (which didn’t even exist 3 years ago).  Things get started around 8pm, and you can pickups your tickets right here.

That 2009 Silversun Pickups show was in support of their second full length Swoon, and just this year they followed that record up with their latest release, Neck Of The Woods.  I honestly haven’t spent a ton of time with the new record (like I said I didn’t move here for them), but, I know that the last time I saw them, it was a spectacular show.  You can have a listen to three tracks from their latest release below, and see what you think.

Cloud Nothings have spent some time playing in Nashville, and I last caught them the at The End back in March of this year.  Man, talk leaping small buildings in just a few months… they are now opening for Silversun Pickups at Marathon.  Dylan Baldi and pals certainly reverberated their way into the national conscious with their release, Attack On Memory, earlier this year.  The track “Wasted Days” was stuck in my head most of the spring and summer, and you can have the same joy listening to the live recording from The Grog Shop that’s pasted down below.  Just tell me you don’t hear early Nirvana in that!

Things get started with Atlas Genius who just released their debut EP Through The Glass back in June, and the single “Trojans” from that was a smash hit.  This is the next wave of alternative music, and you’ll be there to hear it first if you get in the door early enough.  Have a listen to “Trojans” below.

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