Hospitality w/ TEEN and Bows & Arrows, The High Watt, Tonight In Nashville

Brooklyn and Nashville collide tonight at The High Watt, and you should get over there to see the spectacle.  The headliners are quirky Brooklyn popsters Hospitality, the middle child is Brooklyn’s avant-electro pop TEEN, and the clash happens with Nashville’s Bows & Arrows opening things up.  I’m not sure what is going to happen, but it is has to be interesting.  I’m envisioning fixie riding hipsters making out with uptight yuppies, couch potatoes outdancing triatheletes, and the littlest girl in the room drinking all the big bearded men under the table.  Get to know each of them a bit below, and then grab some tickets here.  If you are for some reason afraid of this, you can sneak over to Grimey’s to catch Hospitality performing a free in-store at noon.  Get out to see some live music!

Hospitality formed in Brooklyn in 2007, but it wasn’t until the release of their self-titled 2012 debut on Merge that garnered them national attention.  It’s an infectious brand of pop that gets stuck in your head, and you only halfway fight to get it out of there.  Their tracks “Friends Of Friends” and “Betty Wang” have spent considerable periods of time in my head, and you can check those out below.

Teeny Lieberson (formerly of Here We Go Magic) on guitar / vocals, her 2 sisters – Lizzie on keys/vocals and Katherine on drums/vocals, as well as Jane Herships (also of Spider) on bass / vocals arrive tonight via Brooklyn as TEEN.  The psychedelic sounds layered with etherial vocal contributions from all 4 dreamy members is a sight to behold.  Check out the video of the track “Better” mashed up with scenes from the Kevin Bacon 1980’s fixed gear classic Quicksilver.

Things get started with Nashville’s Bows & Arrows who have taken the ethereal almost to another level.  You can have a listen to several of their 2012 releases with some very inspired covers of the Everly Brothers.  If you like any of these, you can download them for free over at their Bandcamp page.


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