The Temper Trap w/ The Neighbourhood, Marathon Music Works, Tonight In Nashville

If you aren’t going over to the west side’s newest hotspot The Stone Fox tonight for that free Lambchop show, then you should definitely give The Temper Trap and The Neighbourhood a shot over at Marathon Music Works.  It’s your Thursday night, so you make the choice, but definitely get out to see some live music.

After The Temper Trap’s debut LP Conditions released in 2009, it was hard to find a college radio station that wasn’t playing their hit single, “Sweet Disposition”.  Of course, these days it is hard to find a college radio station, but that doesn’t mean it is hard to find The Temper Trap though.  After the critical success of Conditions, they sailed back home to Melbourne, Australia to record their self titled follow up which released this past summer.  You can check out the track “Trembling Hands” from the new record, and, for nostalgia sake, I threw “Sweet Disposition” down there as well.  We’ve also posted a video of LA’s The Neighbourhood’s fully poppy (and seasonally appropriate) video for “Sweater Weather”.

Things get started at 8pm, and you can snag those tickets here.


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