Celebrate The City: Rubblebucket, Cherub, Reptar, and On and On at War Memorial Auditorium Tonight.

You always wonder how the band you have grown to love is going to sound live. Every show has a different vibe, sound quality, and crowd. All these can be factors that determine how good the show is.

Well I have grown to love Rubblebucket recently. And I watched their live performance of “Came Out of a Lady” on Jimmy Kimmel Live and everything clicked: the band’s energy, the live sound, the vibe, and the crowd was clearly into it. All the key ingredients impressed. Watch the video below.

Hopefully, Rubblebucket will rock it like they did during that performance. Also playing are

  • Cherub. Listen to “What I Want” below
  • Reptar. Listen to “Sebastian” below.
  • On and On. Listen to “Ghosts” below.

Biologically, it’s true. You came out of lady. So, come celebrate the city and your birth tonight.

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