The Walkmen w/ Woods, Mercy Lounge, Tonight In Nashville

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I first heard The Walkmen.  Someone introduced me to A Hundred Miles Off after it’s release in 2006.  Specifically, it was the first track “Louisiana” off that record that had me singing out loud in my cubicle.  It was after hearing that song when I used Limewire for the first and last time to download a record… Bows + Arrows.  I felt so guilty after I heard the awesomeness of Bows + Arrows that I swore to myself that I would head out to see them on their next tour to repay this money to them.  Alas, something came up every time they came through my town.  Not this year though, people, not this year…  Tonight is the night of my redemption at Mercy Lounge.  You should head over there for redemption as well, though you don’t have to admit to illegally downloading anything.

You can have a listen to “Louisiana” for yourself below, and then you should check out probably their most recognizable track “The Rat” from Bows + Arrows, and, finally, just to show you that they haven’t lost it, you should check out the title track “Heaven” off of their latest release.

Things get started around 9pm with Woods, and you can grab your tickets here.




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