Live on the Green Tonight with Fly Golden Eagle, The Apache Relay and Alabama Shakes.

This week’s edition of Lightning 100’s Live on the Green features:

The smooth panache of Fly Golden Eagle. The opening track, “2nd Hour of the Night,” on their latest album Swagger hovers smoothly, somewhere between Studio 54, disco and yacht rock. You can listen to Swagger below:

The pop song continuity of The Apache Relay. Each song on their latest record American Nomad has its flavored sections which flow smoothly like batons handed between world-class Olympic relay team members. Check out the track “Home is Not Places” below.

The versatility of the Alabama Shakes. Their song styles cleanly zigzag between good ole southern rock, Motown-style driving pop and everything that lies between. ┬áCheck out the track “You Ain’t Alone” below.

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