Tonight In Nashville

How was your weekend?  Did you party like the world was running out of booze?  Did you get out to see some music?  Did you wonder why Dustin Wong spent the majority of his set on his knees making it seem like his music was just a soundtrack that was playing through the Marathon Music Works speakers?  Did Beach House blow your mind?  Did you get all vibey at the Washed Out show?  Did you watch football?  Did your team lose?

It’s another week, so you can put all of that behind you.  Tristen is playing at the High Watt stage at Mercy Lounge tonight along with the Henry Clay People and No Regrets Coyote.  That gets started around 9pm, and tickets are $7.  You can have a listen to “Avalanche” below.

Happy Salmon Productions is putting on an 8 off 8th tonight for free over at Mercy Lounge.  The lineup includes The Wans, Nahnee Bori, The Gills, Oklahoma Outfit, JAG, Buffalo Rodeo, Charlie Abbott Band & more.  Things get started at 9pm, and you can have a listen to The Wans excellent “Want You” below.

You also have Joy Of Painting w/ Get Togethers, Subnovas and Montezuma Fire Machine happening over at The Basement tonight.  Tickets for that one are $5, and that party gets started around 9pm.  You can have a listen to Joy Of Painting’s new single “Charades” below.

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