Beach House w/Dustin Wong @ Marathon Music Works Tonight

By Contributor Andrew Johnson

While Beach House‘s 2010 release Teen Dream was full of songs eloquently stacked with thick layers of dreamy trance projecting feelings of passion, energy and excitement, their newest release¬†Bloom features the same audio texture, but is more uplifting in its calculated sound and slightly more electronic-pop oriented. In an interview with WOW Magazine, guitarist and keyboardist Alex Scally described the choice of title for Bloom as something open to interpretation that can have many different suggested meanings. The lyrics and sounds seem loose and infinite in this regard. But one constant is that the music draws the listener in with a recurring lull of sound, and Victoria Legrand’s powerful, yet subtle vocals tower like thick clouds above the lull, keeping its distance but still delicately meshing with the instrumentation. Scally expands on the Bloom theme, saying that this title implies repetition and cycle as a bloom recurs every year. Watch the interview with Wow magazine below:

After seeing Beach House perform at Mercy Lounge on April 28, 2010, I’m dreamy and anxious to see them provide Nashville with a beautiful bastion of trance, the kind that makes you stare in awe at a group of chrysanthemums after full bloom . Listen to the new album below:

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