The Stone Fox still isn’t open, but Blues Control is playing at Dino’s tonight!

We were pretty excited about the King Tuff show that was supposed to open up The Stone Fox, but that one was moved to the VFW.  Then, we got word that Blues Control was going to be making the opening jams inside of The Stone Fox.  Alas, that one had to be moved to… pesky inspections.  For those that want to know, The Stone Fox is right as rain to open on September 21st, and the first show will be Sao Paulo Underground and Cortney Tidwell on September 24th.  You can see some

Well, if you were stoked for Blues Control, have no fear, their gig has been moved over to Dino’s.  They are touring in support of their 4th release in as many labels.  The latest, Valley Tangents, is out on Drag City.  It’s a psychedelic sort of gloom rock, but it also hints of the freedom to experiment that is reminiscent of a great jazz record of the 1960’s.  It’s like the soundtrack to a movie that you are intrigued by and want to figure out, but you just haven’t seen it enough times yet.  Just have a listen to “Iron Pigs” from that record below to get a sense of what I am talking about.  You can also take a listen to a live set of tracks that will have you wondering if this will be fully embraced, or if the smoky bar will just be brimming over warm beers as usual.

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