Huge Thursday Night In Nashville!!!

Things get started tonight with this season’s debut of Live On The Green with Dr. John & The Lower 911, Moon Taxi, & John Cleary.  Now, I’m not some brainy engineer, but I do know that there is mad love for onstage collaboration and jam sessions down in Dr. John’s homeland of New Orleans, and I would almost expect collaboration with John Cleary on the stage with the Doctor.  I would even offer a guess that there could be a recreation of that superjam that we saw at Bonnaroo two years ago that led to Auerbach producing Dr. John’s newest record Locked Down that released back in April.  If he doesn’t show up, I’ll personally refund your general admission ticket.  Check out the shaky clip below of the Superjam from the 2011 ‘Roo.  Things get started around 5pm over at Public Square Park, and this is a free event.


If you tire of the drunken mass, here are several other solid choices for your evening’s entertainment.

Communion Nashville returns to The Basement with Grandfather Child, Colorfeels, KS Rhoads, Albatross, Ruston Kelly, Adam Faucett.  We’ve talked enough about quite a few of these Nashville folks, but I really want to get into a second of Grandfather Child.  It’s some members of Robert Ellis’ band, and it is some sweet soulful jams that will melt away any memory of that crowded park.  Check out this crowd footage video, but try to avoid listening to the guy hitting on the chick about a third of the way through it.  Regardless, it’ll give you an idea of what you’re in store for.  Things get started at 9pm, and tickets are $10.


Maybe you need some heavier rock… then you should head over to Exit/In for Pallbearer w/ Royal Thunder, Samothrace, and Loss.  My main pick for this show would be Royal Thunder.  I saw them open for Baroness (so, sad what happened to those guys in that bus wreck) last April.  Their new record CVI released earlier this summer to pretty great reviews, and I would tend to agree.  You can have a listen to that record below.  Things get started at 8pm, and tickets are here.

Long time indie rockers and recent Nashville transplants, The Whigs are rocking out over at Mercy Lounge with The Weeks.  That is bound to be a fun ass show, and hopefully the first of many to come for us locally.  They’ve toured with everyone you can imagine, and I’ve been a huge fan since Mission Control released back in 2007.  They are currently set to release their 4th record, Enjoy The Company, on September 18th, and this is setting up to be a kick off record release tour warm up for all of us Nashvillians.  You can check out the track “Right Hand On My Heart” below performed on Letterman.  This one gets started around 9pm, and tickets are $10.


Are you still reading?  I told you there was a lot going on tonight.  Nashville’s Anchor Thieves is throwing a record release party over at The High Watt.  I’ve spent a little time with this new record so far, and I am liking what I hear.  My evening will likely end up in a series of coin tosses to determine which show I will see, but, if Anchor Thieves loses out tonight, it will be on the calendar in the very near future.  You can have a listen to that newest record below.  The show opens up with Nashville’s Ascent of Everest, I Believe In Hotpants, and Spybox.  Things get started at 9pm, and tickets are here.


Get out and see some live music!

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