Band Of Horses Announce Three Tennessee Tour Dates & A Video for “Knock Knock”

Knock, Knock… Who’s there?  Hello?  Where are you?… Not in Nashville.

Band of Horses have announced three Tennessee shows, but none in Nashville during their upcoming tour.  They are hitting the Tennessee Theater in Knoxville on September 11th, Track 29 in Chattanooga on September 12th, and swinging back up the west side on October 22nd with a stop at the Memphis Central Train Station for the Railroad Revival Tour with Willie Nelson… Assuming he can keep his health up.
I would imagine more US stops tour will come out of this new record, and we’ll probably catch a date on that later leg.  But, if you want to be sure, better make plans to travel.  Tickets for those other Tennessee gigs can be found here.

You can check out the video below for “Knock Knock” from the new record Mirage Rock due out on September 18th.


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  1. Very cool video. NPR has band commentary with the video:


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