Best Of Nashville Voting Is Now Open!

Hey, it’s shameless self-promotion time for us, but it is also a chance for you to give a shout out to all your local Nashville Faves.

Here’s the skinny, go to this website, our category would be tucked into the media/politics tab, and our subcategory is “music blog”.  When you click on it, you just type in No Country For New Nashville.

Here’s the catch, you can only vote once per valid email address (this is your chance to finally sign up for hundreds of new email accounts), and you MUST vote for 20 subcategories for a valid submittal.

Thanks in advance…., and don’t worry about setting reminders to do this.  I’ll bug the shit out of you between now and September 12th when the voting ends!

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  1. If you want to vote with multiple emails, use


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