Santah and the Blackfoot Gypsies at the High Watt tonight

By Contributor Andrew Johnson

It’s good to see Santah back in Nashville. They play tonight with the Blackfoot Gypsies at the High Watt.

I was first introduced to the members and music of Chicago natives Santah when they played The End with Heypenny and Tommy and The High Pilots on August 20, 2011. I was amazed at how well the two singers in Santah collaborated to create one “voice,” one sound out of two voices. Their chemistry was impeccable and their harmonies were layered perfectly like golden blocks of a pyramid leading up to the apex. This apex shines amidst Santah’s atmospheric pop rock. I was later informed that lead singer Stanton McConnell and Vivian McConnell are brother and sister, as the last name suggests. After the show, I met them at the merch table and complemented the McConnells on their performance. Then I immediately took a chance and followed that up with “You guys have horrible chemistry together,” in the most sarcastic tone possible. They laughed and responded, “Yea, being related certainly helps the chemistry.”

Santah’s EP “You’re Still A Lover” is set for release on October 16. Check out the music below.

Blackfoot Gypsies’ latest video for the song “Don’t Know About You” suggests music as dirty and rugged as rugby, as rebellious as skateboarding, and as fun as a backyard summer barbeque. But all signs point to a foundation of classic rock and roll with a straight-forward kick-ass American groove. They just released their latest record On The Loose last Friday and gave a killer performance at East Nashville Underground. Check out Matt Hall’s write-up of the East Nashville Underground show here. They might still have some records for sale at the show, so hit them up at the merch table.

Is anybody out there confused about what show to go to tonight? The answer should be obvious now.  Get tickets here

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