Light Pilot + Station Inn = Great Show.

By Contributor Andrew Johnson

I saw Nashville’s Light Pilot last night at Station Inn, and they sounded stellar. It was the perfect venue for them, as it is appropriately cozy and the ideal size and shape of a room for acoustics. Light Pilot is set up like the traditional bluegrass band, minus the fiddle. All four members sing and switch off playing instruments, which include acoustic guitar, mandolin, upright bass, and banjo. Band members Quinton Parker and Noah Fagan sing most of the songs, while Taylor Dove and Philip Stafford provide backup vocals. Stafford did play the occasional trumpet last night. Their songs are not traditional bluegrass by any means, nor are there extended bluegrass jams at any point. Rather, the instrumentation is built around Americana and folk songs. Light Pilot played some great originals such as “Lady” and “Pins and Needles,” but they also weren’t afraid to pull off some covers as they did “Maps” from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs album Fever to Tell and closed the show with an entertaining and interesting rendition of The Bee Gees “Stayin Alive.” Check out Light Pilot’s Facebook page here and the music below.

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