This Weekend In Nashville, August 17-19

We’ve spent quite a bit of time getting you ready for this weekend already.  Remember that whole East Nashville Underground wristband giveaway that we were running.  Well, that’s over with, but there are still full-weekend, free-drinks included wristbands available for $20 at the door.  I’m still blown away everytime I say that.  It’s two nights of free drinks and bands for only $20.  I dare you to beat that deal.

Anyway, per usual, I digress.  You have some other real eye catching shows if you are looking for something else to do this weekend.   Just get out and see some live music.


Our contributor, Andrew Johnson, wrote up that little ditty about Heypenny, Umbrella Tree, and Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes happening over at The High Watt.  You know that is another highlighted opportunity for a mere $7.  Things get started around the 9pm hour.

We also dropped a hint yesterday about The Jompson Brothers, The Cadillac Black, & A Thousand Horses over at 12th & Porter tonight.  They were selling those two-day passes last night for $15, but, unless you got one of those, this ticket will cost you $12.  9pm first band.

And, last, but certainly not least, you have a solid lineup over at The Basement with Caitlin Rose, Andrew Combs, and Dirt Heavy.  Things get started at 9pm, and tickets are $10.


Saturday night you are looking at Archers of Loaf over at Mercy Lounge.  It’s that 90’s indie rock dinosaur tour still banging strong through Nashville this summer.  Remember Guided By Voices back in July?  And Sebadoh just played Mercy earlier this week (I’m still tired).  And Dinosaur Jr. is at Mercy on October 1st!  Well, Archers of Loaf are in that same category of late 80s/early 90s lo-fi rock pioneers that have steamrolled through this ever burgeoning land of car commercial tunes.  The only difference with Archers is that they are simply touring to support the reissue of their discography through Merge Records.  Whatever man… none of you have seen them here since at least 1998 (damn I was young then!).  You may think this is dad rock at this point, but I’ll tell you that both the Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh shows were loud and fun as hell.  Of course, lot’s of my friends have kids, which means, I guess, I’m old enough to be a father.


You still awake out there?  At least, you don’t have to put on a day party today.  You can rest up for Shonen Knife, White Mystery, & Heavy Cream at Exit/In starting at 8pm.  Tickets for that puppy are 10 bones.

Also, I’ve heard a rumor about a free “Sunday School” event, that will be displaced to The End due to the show above, with Honey Locust, The Hardin Draw, and Copper Into Steel.  I don’t see it up on the website at The End, but here is the facebook event page that says everything that I did above.

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