JEFF The Brotherhood Announces Headlining Tour

Local day drinkers JEFF The Brotherhood are heading out west for the month of October for a string of headlining dates with Nashville’s Diarrhea Planet.  Don’t worry about that name west-y pals… I heard it described last night as Van Halen punk rock, and I’d have to give the four guitar band a solid thumbs up in the fun department.

Obviously this announcement is more for my scattered friends out on the left coast than for us Nashvillans, but it is exciting news for the Orrall bros, nonetheless.  Tour details are below, and I’m sure they sell PBR at every one of these stops.  If you follow us, or stumble across this along I-5, I-10, I-30, or I-40, do yourself a favor and check these dudes out.

Pre-sale tickets to all the dates are on sale right now, and you can grab those here.

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