Rubblebucket: Omega La La


By Andrew Johnson

Speaking of Brooklyn….

While everyone, their mothers and their extended families were jam-packing themselves into the large field facing the “What” stage at Bonnaroo to see Radiohead (myself included), my friend Ben decided to check out the Brooklyn-based Rubblebucket instead. He said they were hands down the best show he saw at Bonnaroo. After seeing them in concert, he suggested I listen to them. So I started listening to the latest studio album Omega La La, and now I can’t stop listening. My favorite track is Triangular Daisies because of its playful call and response vocals. They are playing the War Memorial Auditorium on September 28, 2012. Check out the album here:


  1. I was at bonnaroo as well this year. I had never heard of them previously, but I looked them up when i saw the line up and thought they were really good, but it was only when i saw them live that I was truly awestruck. I saw them at their first show at bonnaroo, thought they were the best concert I’d ever been to, so I decided to skip out on radiohead to see them again. I live in lexington, Ky, but I think I’m going to have to make the drive down to see them.

    • Cool man, glad you dig them. Come say hi at the show. I will definitely be there.



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