Live and Reel’s Majestico, William Tyler, and Tristen vids…

Somehow, I’ve missed an entire six months of Live and Reel releases?!?!  Is that right?  I was even thinking the other day “Man, I haven’t heard anything new out of the Live and Reel guys in a long time.”  Low and behold there have been three recordings that totally flew under my radar. C’mon Nashville, someone call me out on this.  How about a “Jesus, dude, have you been high for six months?” or “Wow, you are slipping, holmes!”  I’m sure you can come up with more…

So, while I was sleeping, Nashville’s Majestico dropped a couple of songs back in March, William Tyler dazzled a couple more out in May, and Tristen released “Doomsday” just yesterday.  I’ve attached all that are available to the public below.  You can sign up with an email address or a facebook like for second Tristen release.

That note you see at the beginning of the video is no joke.  These sessions are pretty damn special, are the experience is certainly heightened with headphones or loud speakers.


William Tyler


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