Sigh.  I think that was the collective sound the entire internet made yesterday when, after toying with us all for a week, Tom Waits announced a video for “Hell Broke Luce” off of his 2011 Bad As Me record.  I’ll admit, I’m bummed.

I wonder what made Tom decide to make “Hell Broke Luce” the first video from Bad As Me?  I mean, the players are stellar: Tom Waits -vocals,percussion; Marc Ribot -guitar; Keith Richards -guitar; Will Bernard -guitar; Flea -bass; Casey Waits -drums; Clint Maedgen -tenor sax; Ben Jaffe -tuba; Chris Grady -trumpet; & Charlie Musselwhite -harmonica…  Yes, you did just see Keith Richards and Flea along with Charlie Musselwhite in that lineup.

But, those guys are scattered through the whole record.  So, why does he chose a story about a war veteran seemingly ripped from the pages of a Bukowski novel as the muse for his first video?  You think he is making a political statement?  Who knows… Whatevs… I’m bummed about no tour.  Hopefully, we’ll get one soon.

Let’s take a look at what led up to the announcement.  The video is at the bottom.

July 31st: Permission To Come Aboard?

August 2nd: I Breath Better Underwater

August 6th: Never Bring A Gun To A Spoonfight

August 7th: Tom Delivers Us From Suspense

August 7th: “Hell Broke Luce”


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