Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds, War Memorial, FREE Tickets and FREE Beer, Tonight In Nashville

Brooklyn?  Brooklyn?  How are these guys from Brooklyn?  They sound straight out of Memphis with their solid soul rock vibe.  Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds were just in the area a couple of months ago killing it at Bonnaroo, and you can see them tonight at War Memorial Auditorium for FREE… that’s right, for FREE!  Maybe I didn’t make myself clear… for FUGGIN’ FREE!  What if I told you there was free beer too?  You would call me a bald face liar, wouldn’t you?

Well, here’s what I’m going to do for you.  I’m gonna put a Soundcloud player with their newest release Pound Of Dirt below.  You are gonna have a listen while you click here to RSVP for the show.  It’s a Facebook thing to be included on Budweiser’s list for this private event.   Annoying?  Yeah, it is, but a little birdy just told me that they are giving away FREE BEER to those that are 21+.  Ya can’t say that’s not worth it…

Things get started at 9pm with Mountain Heart and Rosco Bandana.  Get out and see some live music!

P.S. No word yet if the little dog in the picture will be there, but I’ll keep my ears peeled.

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