Soundland Announces Lineup

To me it’s a bummer that Soundland is moving away from the SXSW format of numerous bands performing at numerous venues around town making you exercise for your live music experience by running back and forth around town.  That being said, the lineup this year looks pretty damn stellar, so go ahead and mark your calendar for October 6th.

Louisville’s My Morning Jacket will roll down I-65 to headline this sucker.  It’ll be almost a year since MMJ played Memorial Gym over at Vanderbilt, and what a stellar show that was.  Now, they will bring us back to the Dancin’ In The District days by wailing away in Riverfront Park.

Others on the one-day bill include Young The Giant, Divine Fits, JD McPherson, & Jonny Corndawg.  Nashville additions include Kopecky Family Band, Weeks,  Night Beds, Wild Cub, Kansas Bible Company, Mystery Twins, Nikki Lane, & PUJOL.

I’m really excited about Divine Fits who are the talk of the blogosphere right now with the upcoming release of their debut LP (releasing on August 28th).  Divine Fits are Spoon frontman Britt Daniel, Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner, and Sam Brown of New Bomb Turks.  I am a huge Spoon fan, and probably not as huge but a pretty damn big fan of both Wolf Parade & New Bomb Turks… So, you can imagine my excitement when Divine Fits introduced themselves to the world.  They’ve dropped a 7-inch already (below), and they have only played a handful of shows to date.  I like what I hear already, and you better believe I will be lined up to check out the August 28th full length.

I’m sure more announcements will pop up in the coming weeks, and we’ll keep you tuned in on those.  There has been some talk that other events will be held at various venues around town, and it would be cool if those were after parties with the various venues locking up different, venue typical, genres of music for us to do after Nashville shuts down the party in the park.  We’ll keep our eyes open for that too.  For now, just grab your $45 ticket to all of this awesome!

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