Modern Skirts w/ The District Attorneys & Wess Floyd, The High Watt, Tonight In Nashville!

We’ve already told you about that smorgasbord (bam, spelled that right on the first try) that is going on with that Communion Show over at The Basement tonight.  You also have the Sounds Like Summer finale with the smooth stylings Ledisi & Eric Benet going on over at Marathon Music Works.

If those aren’t going to do it for you though, then maybe you want to check out some serious pop jams with Modern Skirts & The District Attorneys.  Both of these bands are rolling up from the Georgia, and both have a pretty unique take on some stylistic pop sounds.  Modern Skirts have an almost alternative pop while The District Attorneys are carrying a sort of folk pop to the stage.  I spent a bit of time with their newest releases below over the weekend, and you should do the same now.

Tickets are $7, and things get started at 9pm.  Get out and see some live music tonight!

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