Conveyor w/ Sol Cat, What Up, English, & Utah Moon, The High Watt, Tonight In Nashville

It’s been a minute since we checked in with Sol Cat, and what a better way than with a show announcement.  Sol Cat is playing the High Watt tonight with a very interesting Brooklyn based band Conveyor.

Sol Cat has been tempting the Nashville scene with their R&B tinged pop sounds that could make Ariel Pink’s head nod.  They released their Jungle Sessions EP back in May, and have been touring around in support of that strong first effort.  You can check out that EP below, and have a listen while we get into Conveyor.

I’ve been hearing more and more about Conveyor as they tour around the country in support of their self-titled full length debut.  It’s a twisted and exhilirating blend of harmonious vocals with playful synths bouncing over choppy beats.  The albums opening track “Woolgatherer” is like listening to Battles remix Ezra of Vampire Weekend’s polyrythmic explorations in “Warm Heart of Africa”.  The rest of the record is equally full of surprises, like the Fleet-Foxes-on-acid “Reach” tucked away in the middle.  Since you are now finished with that Sol Cat EP up there, you should spend a little time getting to know this Conveyor record.

This is bound to be a fun show, and you can grab your tickets here.  Things get started around 9pm with What Up, English and Utah Moon.  We’ve got one more player with some tracks from What Up, English below.  You’re on your own for Utah Moon.

Keep. it. real.  Get out and see some live music.

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