Neulore w/ Caleb & Aaron Krause, 12th & Porter, Sun July 29 8pm

Our contributor Dayna Duncan has laid out her pick for your Sunday night.  Give it a read, and get out to see some live music this weekend.

I’ve been a solid, borderline hardcore fan (but not in a creepy way…I promise) of Neulore since seeing them live last year. I don’t like to pass up opportunities to see them whenever they grace a stage. Neulore have wonderful vibe about them…and by vibe I mean smooth, melodic, sincere, graceful, yet gritty, and beautiful. Adam Agin garners a pure and truthful vocal, while the overall sound is something reminiscent of the folk tunes of olden days and the new world combined. You’d be hard-pressed to find a band so welcoming live or in album form. As I classically say (ok…always…I get it), “Do yourself a favor!” I say so because I MEAN IT! So…drop what you’re doing and get tickets HERE!

Joining them at 12th and Porter is the equally wonderful Caleb and opener Aaron Krause. So, the line-up is stellar and I’m sorry, did I mention the tickets are only 5 BUCKS? I didn’t? I JUST DID. Boom.


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