The Basement’s New Faces Nite w/Bambora, The Decadence, Golden Sounds, Keelan Donovan, Honeyboy and Boots and Adventure The Great, The Basement, Tonight In Nashville

You should get out and check out some new music tonight.  It’s always a good time, and, with this sticky ass weather, you’ll feel great in Grimey’s Basement.  The lineup tonight looks something like this… Bambora (or is it Bambara?), The Decadence, Golden Sounds, Keelan Donovan, Honeyboy and Boots, and Adventure The Great.

I don’t know much about any of these bands, but I did get to see dream rockers The Golden Sounds a couple of weeks ago at that ArtHouse party in Inglewood.  They were damn good, and that house party was a lot of fun for the random dude that wandered up solo.  You can check out a track from the ArtHouse Party’s compilation below.



As for the rest of the bands, we’ll have to get to know them together.  This might be Bambara.  Pretty sure this is The Decadence.  Here is Keelan Donovan, Honeyboy and Boots sound like this, and Adventure The Great.  Regardless of if these folks are actually the correct line up or not, it’s bound to be a good time, so get out and see some live music.

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