Kitty Pryde Is This Summer’s Kreayshawn

Remember last summer when we were just another blog hyping the unanimous one hit wonder Kreayshawn and her ghost-ridingly awesome “Gucci, Gucci” that was stuck in the head of the collective blogosphere for months.  Well, Kreayshawn’s pretty much out of the collective conscience (I actually did get an email from her the other day, but haven’t responded), and I should point out that, besides Bonnaroo rumors posts, the post we did answering the age old question “Is Kreayshawn Part Of OFWKA” is still one of the busiest posts on this site.

So, with that disjointed, probably run-on sentence introduction, let me introduce you to the blogosphere’s newest sweetheart rapper.  Kitty Pryde, Nashville… Nashville, Kitty Pryde.  This kid can’t be too far out of high school, which is evident in her spindly appearance, juvenile lyrics, DIY approach to recording and videos, and her totally approachable explanation of her lyrics.  That doesn’t mean it can’t be a summer hit.  Who the hell knows, she just played her first NYC show a week or two ago.  While I doubt Nashville has a string of dates coming up, it doesn’t mean you can’t get to know what the kids are howling about.

Check out her video for “Okay Cupid” below.  I’ve also thrown up a YouTuber of her official video with Riff Raff called “Orion’s Belt”.  If you haven’t had enough, her bandcamp player is below.

Your Welcome.


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