WTF, Jack White…

Want to sit down to a conversation with comic Mark Maron and Jack White talking all things JWIII?  So, do most of us.  I guess the best you are going to get is Mark Maron’s WTF Podcast.  He was in Nashville for Bonnaroo and Prince’s Hot Chicken; and, while in town, he sat down to talk Blunderbuss, Nazis, an obsession with the number 3, growing up in Detroit as one of 10 kids, being a father, the Ryman giving him a Blunderbuss for his sold out shows (awesome), and why Nashville is so badass.  You can download the podcast here, or you can just click that little player below to listen.

As you will see, I apparently have a theme of NSFW posts today.  Maron drops about 50 F-bombs during this little performance.  It starts off with a shotgun blast of about 15 of them in the first minute that should have you scrambling for the volume in your cubicle.  So, turn it down or find some headphones, because it’s definitely worth a listen.

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