Get To Know: The Bridges

I admit that I am that person at shows. You know, the one everyone hates going with because I tend to pick apart every tiny detail. ”The vocals were off a bit.” “The guitar is too loud over the lead vocal.” “The bass player is super duper cute but he missed a beat”…You know…THAT girl. So, you could say that I especially enjoy the moment when I am unable to do so.

With apologies to all of my friends throughout our show-going years aside, let me introduce to you to some down home-cooked musical stew. They’re meaty, they’re smooth, and they hit the spot for me. They are The Bridges.

The Bridges are composed of all family members including Brittainy Painter and Stacey, Natalie, Jeremy and Isaaca Byrd. They adhere to a sincere mastery of haunting melody vs. harmony, a keen sense of musical style, and a vibe that takes you back in time as it pushes you forward…forcefully. But, I’ll totally willingly go.

There is nothing like the blending of family voices; the most organic and natural sound you can find. And what beats a family of singers?…A family that sings AND plays their own instruments. I’ve had their EP “Our Monster” (2010) for a hefty time now, and it is always a staple in my itunes playlists. I just can’t get enough the hip beats, heartfelt lyrics, and unreal realness. (Yeah, that makes sense. Totally.) Whether live or recorded, this family is cream of the crop.

If you want a smooth and perfectly crafted sound of absolute blend, fun, emotion, and classic themes, then they are for you. It’s beyond the “indie” sound. It’s beyond folk. It’s even beyond pop. It’s a beautiful mix of it all.

I, for one, look forward to the new album due out very soon. Take a looksee, you see? – Dayna Duncan



  1. Hey… this pretty darn good! I’m going to try and make their 12th and Porter show that’s coming up.

  2. Wait, just kidding. That show was in May. Here’s hoping for new shows then.

  3. Thanks Wes! Yeah…they are insanely good! We’ll post if they have any upcoming shows.


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