Bonnaroo Bound!!! Here’s a mixtape for your ride down there!

It’s that time again… all my gear is packed, and I am ready to sweat it out amidst the multitude of totally wrecked and sunburned at the Farm this year.  I’ll be sending in tweets, pics, and PERHAPS a post or two from the fest, so keep tabs for updates.  As a final link of love, I’ll leave you with the 20 song mixtape of ‘Roo artists from Spin Magazine that you can snag for the price of an email address.  It’ll loop through about four times while you are waiting in your car to get in… so, grab it.  Otherwise, you’ll be stuck listening to that dirty ass Phish set from ’93 that your stoner friend wants to subject you to.

Have fun.  Be safe.  STAY HYDRATED.  Keep an eye out for me… I’ll be the guy with the shorts, hat, and sunglasses.

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