All The Beer Is Gone…

… I Guess We’re Fucked!

I can’t get that line out of my head, and you’ll be in the same boat after you watch this video.

How fitting is that for a Friday?  This little piece of awesome is the persistent effort of The Buddies and their Nashville based front man  guitarist Justin Collins.  He is the same Justin Collins that co-produced Deer Tick’s Divine Providence, and you can definitely hear that influence in this beer dunked excellence.  So the story goes… Justin played a demo of “All The Beer Is Gone” for video director Ryan Henriquez, who was doing a documentary on Deer Tick during the making of Divine Providence.  Ryan was floored and within a few months Ryan and his brother Eric were recording that video you just watched in an apartment near Brooklyn.  Magic was formed.  I’m begging you guys to get a gig together in Nashville at a place where I won’t get kicked out for throwing full beers onto the stage!

You can check out more of The Buddies debut record Fuck The Buddies below.  If you don’t get why this is so awesome… well, I guess you’re fucked.


  1. Actually, the front man for this band is NOT
    Justin Collins. His name is Coley Kennedy and is the star of this video. Nashvillians Scott and Justin Collins play guitar, and the well known and talented Kim Collins plays the drums. I’m not privy to the names of the other members, but this band pretty much rules. Thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks for that Saylor. I’m pumped to drink beer with these cats.


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