Echo Group, Mom & Dad, and Scale Model at The High Watt, Tonight In Nashville

You need something to do tonight.  Head over to The High Watt for split 7″ release party for Echo Group and Mom & Dad.  I’m fairly sure that we will hear more than one song out of each of them.

Echo Group is a new Nashville band to keep your eye on.  You might remember us talking about them during that 8 off 8th party a few weeks ago.  It’s a loud, dreamy sound with hooks to keep your ears perked, and I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot about them this year.  Check the player below to see what I mean.


Mom & Dad really popped into our conscious late last year (just search this blog, and see how many times they are mentioned).  We haven’t heard a lot from them lately, but apparently they were hard at work on their part of this split 7″.  Check the Pieces/Parts player below to refresh your memory.


Things get started with fun synthy pop rockers Scale Model who you can listen to below.

Things get started around 9pm.  Tickets are a mere $5.  Get out and see some live music tonight!


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