Exclusive Album Preview for The Joy Of Painting’s Asterisk, & see them with Mom and Dad, Thief, & The Mike Colman Quartet, The 5 Spot, Tonight In Nashville

We get a pretty healthy stack of inquiries around here from artists requesting our words of promotion.  We got one recently that really grabbed my attention, and, by my attention, I mean I listened to more than 3 minutes of it.  I listened to the whole record… twice (make that three times by the time I finished this post).  Who is this band?  It is the sneak peek we got of the upcoming debut record Asterisk from The Joy Of Painting.  This band describes themselves as “Elvis Costello and The Clash sitting down to watch Saturday Cartoons.”  I hear a lot of Weezer in this record, and I guess the EC/Clash desciption could also be apt for Weezer too.  It is certainly some catchy pop, but it also has the fuel of post-punk.

The Joy of Painting formed in Murfreesboro in early 2011, and lots of long taco-filled nights later… we have a triumphant, note-worthy, just cracking 23 minute, 7 song debut record.  Maybe the short and successful formula is what keeps this ADHD music blogger tuned in?  We have an exclusive preview of that record below (click this link if you are on a flashless mobile device), and you have a chance to see them tonight at The 5 Spot in Nashville before that Asterisk releases on 2/16.

The Joy of Painting will be smack-dab in the middle of a set of other solid Nashville bands.  We’ve talked quite a bit about all the buzz around Mom & Dad since late 2011.  You’ll also get the chance to check out Nashville four-piece rock band Thief and Mike Colman Quartet (it’s not free-jazz like I thought it was going to be).  Things get started around 9pm, and tickets are next to nothing cheap.  Get out and see some fresh live local music tonight.


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